Quinta conferenza internazionale sulla decrescita - BUDAPEST

  • Posted on: 29 April 2016
  • By: edaforum

Tra Agosto e settembre si svolge a Budapest la V conferenza internazionale sulla Decrescita. Ci saranno dibattiti teorici ma anche presentazioni di buone pratiche ed eventi e performance in vari luoghi. Ieri mi hanno confermato che hanno accettato la presentazione del nostro progetto, e quindi avrò modo di esporre quello che facciamo e la visione che sorregge il lavoro. Sarà anche occasione per incontrare soggetti e situazioni interessanti che lavorano per una Europa dei cittadini.

 Budapest will host two parallel, yet complementary events. The 5th International Degrowth Conference will foster discussion between scholars, researchers, civil society and practitioners about their degrowth-related research and activities. Simultaneously, across Budapest, Degrowth Week will bring discussions, public panels, artistic performances and exhibitions, practical workshops and conviviality events into public space. This open platform for degrowth dialogue, practice, networking and expression will introduce Degrowth to Budapest and its inhabitants, and also to the scholars, researchers, civil society and practitioners being present at the conference.

If you wish to share your thoughts, experiences or artistic expressions with Budapest and global degrowth communities, the time is now. The call for Degrowth Week events is officially open. You can suggest events and activities until midnight on May 1st.

The organisers will do their best to fit as many proposed activities in the programme. But as the current requests for participation in the Degrowth Week show, we will have to go through a selection process (see below). But don’t worry, we will invite the non-selected proposals to relocalize and self-organize their activities individually. A following call for such decentralized activities all around the world will be published later in the spring.